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Aston Davies

Founder and Editor 

As a high school student growing up in a nation where we're quick to ignore and suppress voices of immigrants and minorities, I see the urgency for us as a country to empower those who don't have the opportunity to speak out. I strive to create a platform where we highlight these narratives and perspectives on critical and controversial topics in order to facilitate change in our society and stop the perpetuation of inequities and injustices. Through our writing and inspiring accounts, Humanitarian Weekly aims to not only empower, but provide a platform for these issues that continue to divide us as a country to be discussed in the wake of addressing these inequities.

Mission Statement

Humanities Weekly strives to be the voice for the voiceless. Immigrants, minorities, and refugees are an underrepresented population that doesn't always receive the justice and equality they deserve. We hope to fix this by providing a platform where critical topics surrounding this population are discussed and we can illustrate the inequities they face, shifting the paradigm to create more opportunities for this population and reverse the continuation of these issues.  

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